Luxury haircut experience

Enjoy our Signature ExpIerience while you receive your haircut. 

Transformation Haircut

How fun! You are looking for a change of style. Send us over some pictures and get paired up with a stylist.

1.15 Hours

Signature Haircut

Indulge in the distinctive charm of our signature haircut experience, where we meticulously craft and shape each styled strand to perfection.

1 Hour

Curly Haircut

We love curls! Enjoy our signature experience while we sculpt every styled curl. We’ll cut, cleanse, treat & set your locks.

1.15 Hours

Happy Hour Haircut

Watch for Happy Hour Openings (come clean and dry, we’ll cut you quick and let you go – perfect for time or budget conscious individuals)

Available for Happy Hour

$56 - $80

Happy Hour Blowouts Styles

Receive our Altruist Signature Experience, Blow-dry and round brush or iron work. Formal Styling requires a consultation.

Watch for Happy Hour Openings at Express Rates! $56 – $80


45 Minutes - 1.15 Hours

$56 - $80

Price based per level of stylist.