Kristen Josephson


Watching a client walk out the door with a smile on their face and a spring in their step is what keeps me coming back to cosmetology time and again. I’ve always loved the beauty industry and makeup, but eyebrows are my real passion–microblading is my favorite thing. A definition of a job well done to me is when I can help a client accentuate their natural brows and boost their confidence. 


I started out at the front desk to get my foot in the door of the beauty industry, and now that I’m here, I’m ready to continue chasing that passion and growing in my career. That’s one of the reasons I’m so glad I found Altruist. 


To me, Altruist is a one-of-a-kind sort of place–I’ve never worked somewhere that’s so encouraging and fun. I consider myself an intentional and kind person, so working with people who are authentic is a big deal–at Altruist, I know I have that, and it makes coming to work every day exciting and rewarding.

Kristen's Specialized: