Level 3 Stylist

In high school, I was the friend who was always coloring my hair. Then, I quickly became the go-to person for coloring everyone else’s. After graduation, I turned to cosmetology and found more than just a job I was good at–I found a passion in hair and helping people that I never knew existed. 


Clients are at the center of it all for me. I enjoy getting to know everyone who walks in, but there’s something about a customer with a fun, fiery personality who loves to chat that gets me excited about my job all over again. It’s hard to pick a favorite service, but when a client walks in and wants a blonding service, it gets my creative juices flowing. 


After working in Sacramento for the last seven years, I shook up my life in the best way possible and moved to Missoula to finish my degree. When I found Altruist, I knew this salon was the right fit. I’m an independent person, but I know the value of working with a crew you admire, respect, and can learn from in this industry. The emphasis on growth and success is what drew me to Altruist–the culture of teamwork is what will keep me here.

Kyle's Specialized: