Lexey macura

Level 2 Stylist

My love for all things beauty kicked in when I was little–it’s no surprise to me (or my family, who’s supported my dreams) that I ended up as a stylist in the world that always captivated me. Strong-willed and determined, I’m proud to bring a caring spirit and hard-earned experience to every client who sits in my chair. 

As a stylist, I’m ambitious and hardworking–that means my service list and specializations are always expanding. Learning and growing are top priorities for me, which is why Altruist is such a perfect match. Surrounded by supportive coworkers who feel more like best friends, I’m able to perfect my craft, enhance my offerings, and serve clients I care about.  

My favorite feeling in the world is working with a client who’s comfortable, easygoing, and trusts my skills. I’m big on a positive environment and love to bask in lighthearted conversations with clients I cherish. 

Lexy's Specialized: