Apprentice / Stylist

I’m all about positivity, encouragement, and empathy as part of the salon experience. Nothing makes me happier than sitting a client down in my chair and creating a space for them that feels relaxing and safe.

The more a client talks to me, the better–I love to listen. The real magic for me is when a client comes in completely excited about their time in the salon. Feeding off that energy and using it to create a look my client loves is what I’m all about.

As a new stylist finding my place in the industry, I’m traveling the path of zeroing in on the services that I’m most passionate about. Right now, Blonding is the main skill that’s got my attention. It’s all about customized, personalized color and what works best for each client–it gives me a chance to get creative and artistic while merging that love of chasing a customer’s “I love it!” moment.