Level 7 Master Stylist & New Talent Trainer

Creating and styling beautiful looks for happy, fun-loving people has always been my passion. I consider myself a bit of a problem solver, which means if you have hair questions or tricky pain points, I’ve got the solutions (and skills) you’re after.  

Helping you pin down the cut, color, and even products that work best for you and getting you the look you’re after are the things I most adore about being a stylist. I’ve got a big heart and love to have fun, which is one of the reasons I fit so well into the supportive and tight-knit Altruist team. 

When I’m not soaking in the team atmosphere at Altruist, I’m hanging with my family and doing anything and everything active. If you’re a kind human seeking top-notch color service and a dash of hilarious personality while we create your perfect-for-you look, I’m your go-to girl. (P.S., if you just so happen to wander into my chair with a spare coffee, you’ve got more than a stylist, you’ve got a friend for life).