Founded in 2009, Altruist Salon was created with stylist careers in mind where stylists enjoy a natural balance of happiness, fun and care for one another. Our team of stylists have developed a culture of education driven professionals who care about all others and support each other. The team believes in growing future leaders and cultivates successful individuals through training, supporting and believing in each other.


We will never stop learning about better ways to make you look and feel great

  • We understand that each of our clients have different, individualized wants and needs.
  • We will offer you high-quality, green products whenever possible.
  • Your visit is about more than your appearance–it’s also about your experience. 
  • We want you to love your look.


  • We promise to consult with you to understand your “beauty budget” of time, desired look, maintenance and cost.
  • We promise a customized service-consultation, shampoo experience and all “the extras” we welcome you to enjoy.
  • We will prescribe the best take home hair care to support your hair color or style you receive.
  • Photos of your hair are appreciated for the stylists to showcase their work – wearing a little extra lip color and neutral toned clothing will make your end look “pop” in your photo and in the mirror; we want you to love your hair.

"Looking your best
and feeling your best
go hand in hand"



At Altruist Salon, we deeply believe that nothing is more important than making our clients look and feel great. To achieve this goal, we are firmly focused on learning and teaching as a team: our more experienced stylists are paired with our new talent in a mentoring program, while all of our new stylists participate in our Associates Program to continue their education in the world of beauty and hair. We are also solidly focused on the client experience, from the moment they call to make an appointment to the moment they walk out the door with their new look.

When it comes to hair products and boutique gifts, we look for three attributes: great style, great quality, and companies with a conscious. We love green products–that are good for the planet and good for you.

Finally, we love to give back to our community–we adore our community and are happy to support local programs.