I love giving people the confidence to be themselves by creating unique looks to suit my clients!  Being creative is my passion. I love continuing education and always learning new techniques! Let’s talk about what you want to change, or a look you are striving for – I’m here to listen and adjust to your personal style. I pay very close attention to detail for a seamless finish! I am always up for a transformation, but can also stay consistent with your look. Whether you are working toward a goal, or staying on the same track, I always strive to give a flawless end result.

My most requested services are Blonding with babylights for a dimensional, soft, glowing and flowing color as well as  Bold Colors and Precision Haircuts. I offer amazing hair transformations, and versatile looks for your natural texture and style. Working with what you have to be sure you are able to organically have a consistent look for your everyday wear is important me. But if you are looking for a big change and aren’t afraid of color, I’m here to create a bold, radiant look for you!

When I’m away from the salon I love spending my free time going to music shows around Missoula, local events, and enjoying our beautiful outdoors! I also enjoy traveling, and experiencing different cultures everywhere. I love to sing, so you might catch me at a karaoke spot on a weekend, or at home playing my piano.

I always take into large consideration what the client wants, then make suggestions! Listening is key. Making sure someone is comfortable with their decision is always important to me. I will give a detailed summary of what the maintenance is for at home and in the salon. I love to hear people’s experiences and stories! Not only does it give me insight on your life, it also allows me to do my best on adjusting your look to your lifestyle. For any prospective clients, all I ask is for you to be confident in my abilities to make you feel your best! Be sure to have a realistic idea of where you are now, what your end goal is, and what it may take to get you there! Pictures are always welcome and appreciated to have a reference, but I am always open to giving suggestions and creating a unique look to suit you.

Check out my Instagram portfolio @thecoppercosmo to see if we are a good match and call our front desk to get scheduled for a complimentary consultation or an appointment!

Nadine’s specialties:

  • Color & Cut Transformations
  • Blonde Hi-lights
  • Balayage
  • Vivid-Bold Colors
  • Hair Color
  • Brow shaping, tinting & waxing
  • Women’s Haircuts

What Nadine loves most about being a stylist: 
“I love very technical cuts, using my craft to show off my skill. I also love creating new and beautiful colors for people–using painting techniques with foils or balayage to create something soft to vivid. When styling hair, I usually go for a soft look. If their personal style calls for something more classic or modern, those are also so fun!”

What Nadine loves most about Altruist Salon: 
“I love working at Altruist Salon because we are an amazing team! All of us are passionate about what we do and have a great eye for our craft. All of us are unique to ourselves and each have a piece of the puzzle that makes up our wonderful team.”