Phyllotex Hair Growth Vitamin

Which Phyllotex Package is Best for You?

Phyllotex Hair thinning capsule

Phyllotex 4-Month Supply

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$180 our best value, save $60

Phyllotex Hair thinning capsule

Phyllotex 1-Month Supply

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Here’s Why Patented All Natural Phyllotex® Hair Growth Vitamin Works So Well For So Many People

Slow, Stop or Reverse Your Hair Loss

Phyllotex naturally blocks the “hair assassin” protein that causes DHT related hair loss in men and women.

Grow Thicker, Longer, Stronger Hairs

1 capsule 2x a day improves blood flow & delivery of essential nutrients to follicles. Thick hairs get thicker, miniaturized hairs regain length & strength.

3x As Many Hairs & 300+% More Scalp Coverage

Less hair loss + thickening and lengthening of all your hairs leads to -on average- more than 300% more scalp coverage in 9 months.

Healthier Hair, Healthier, Happier You

Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamins D & B6 + Brazilian super plants beautify your hair while they power your immune system too! Having a healthier body and hair just feels good – and it shows!

Phyllotex Hair Loss Vitamins are doctor recommended