Keratin Complex

Providing the Best Keratin Treatment in Missoula, MT

What Is a Keratin Treatment?


At Altruist Salon, we understand the importance of keratin treatments for our Montana friends. We offer Keratin Complex treatments as well as many frizz- controlling take home hair care. 


Keratin is a major structural fibrous protein that acts as a protective shield against humidity. Over time, exposure to the sun, environment, styling, and chemical services can cause the hair to lose keratin. This can lead to porous spots developing in the hair, like potholes in a road. Keratin treatments can assist in filling in the gaps where keratin has been depleted, so humidity is combated, and the hair is left with a healthier appearance. 


We use Keratin Complex treatments to help tame frizzy, damaged hair. We understand that exposure to the sun, environment, styling and chemical services can cause the hair to lose keratin over time. This can lead to porous spots developing in the hair, like potholes in a road. Keratin Complex treatments can help fill in the gaps where keratin has been depleted so that humidity is combatted and the hair is left with a healthier appearance. 



Keratin treatment is more for smoothing and frizz control than a straightening treatment. While the keratin treatment may slightly straighten hair, it keeps more body in the hair than a straightening treatment. Unlike straightening treatments (which can break protein bonds to reform hair structure into a permanently straight shape), the keratin complex treatments specifically won’t break the bonds of your hair. Instead, they reduce frizz and restore health by providing the straightening and smoothing effect without permanently changing the structure. The keratin complex treatment is perfect for those who want to reduce frizz without permanently altering their hair texture or compromising its health.


Keratin treatments are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a way to achieve smooth, frizz-free hair. There are various keratin treatments to choose from, ranging from simple conditioning treatments to more intensive straightening treatments. Keratin Complex is the most popular Keratin treatment. Keratin treatments can be expensive, but the results are worth it. In addition to straightening the hair, keratin treatments can make it easier to style and manage. For people who are struggling with frizzy hair, keratin treatments can be a life-changing solution.


So if you’re looking for a Keratin treatment that will give you sleek, shiny hair without damaging your locks, come to Altruist Salon!



Keratin treatments can offer several benefits for your hair, depending on your hair type and the products used. Generally, the treatment can leave your hair feeling silkier and shinier. The treatment works by filling in areas of your hair that have lost keratin, which can happen due to exposure to the sun, hair color, and other chemical treatments. This helps to make your hair less vulnerable to breakage and damage.


.Everyone deserves to have shiny, healthy-looking hair. If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you may not feel like your locks are as lustrous as they are. This is because curls reflect light less than straight hair. However, with a keratin treatment, you can achieve the shiny coat of your dreams. 


In addition, a keratin treatment is a great way to save time if you’re flat ironing your hair regularly.



How to prepare for a keratin Treatment.



Keratin treatments are typically done in salons by professionals. The process usually takes a few hours, and you should discuss any required preparation with your stylist beforehand. Timing of hair color is essential when performed before or after a keratin complex.



What to Expect During a Keratin Treatment.


A keratin treatment is one of the great ways to get smooth, silky strands. The treatment begins with a clarifying shampoo to ensure the hair is clean and free of buildup or residue. Then, the keratin Complex solution is applied to the wet hair and combed through. The duration of a keratin treatment depends on the formula used, your hair texture, and how much hair you have. As the final step, the hairstyle is further adjusted with heat assistance—first with a blow-dryer and finally with a flat iron; lock in the treatment to create a humidity-resistant finish and smooth, silky strands.



Care and Maintenance


Keratin treatments can help to smooth and strengthen the hair, making it easier to style. However, knowing how to care for keratin-treated hair is essential to ensure the treatment lasts. After a keratin treatment, people should avoid washing their hair for 2-3 days. They should also prevent styling their hair in tight styles, using harsh shampoos and conditioners, or exposing their hair to saltwater or chlorinated water. Instead, it is important to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to help prolong the treatment. We recommend using the Keratin Shampoo and Keratin Complex Conditioner.  These products are available in our salon and on our website. People should also avoid washing their hair too often, which can strip away the keratin treatment. Instead, aim to wash hair every 3–4 days using lukewarm rather than hot water. Spraying Keratin Complex Daily treatment spray can also help protect the hair and keep it feeling moisturized. By following these simple tips, people can prolong their keratin treatment and enjoy smooth, healthy-looking hair.


So if you’re looking for a Keratin Complex treatment in Missoula, MT look no further than Altruist Salon! We offer Keratin treatments to suit your personal needs. Schedule an appointment today!